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Westminster Biblical Missions Eastern Europe News

Rev. Douglas Schlegel and Rev. Howard Sloan returned from a recent trip to Szék, Romania. The trip started off on a high point with a confirmation service for a young woman named Emőke Vigh. Over two Sundays and the six evenings in between, Rev. Schlegel and Rev. Sloan brought messages from the Parables in the Gospel of Matthew. Through parables like the Sower, those in attendance were called to genuine faith in Christ and away from formal religion.

The preaching was well received. The amazing thing is that the livestreams from a few of the nights had almost 2,000 views with viewers from Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and elsewhere. Pastor István’s reach is well beyond the small village of Szék. There is tremendous potential for growth from this small village and the Gospel labors of István.

One important development in the ministry is the opportunity to rent a small facility in Gherla (Szamosújvár in Hungarian). There is already interest in this town for a weekly Bible study and possibly Sunday services. Szamosújvár is 16 km from Szék. It is a larger town with more opportunity for growth.


Synod 2024

The 278th meeting of Synod was held at Zion Reformed Church in Menno, South Dakota.

Church News: Ordination

On June 2, Rev. Matthew Dawn was ordained and installed at Peace Reformed Church (Garner, Iowa). Rev. David Dawn gave the charge to the ministerial candidate, Rev. James

Foi & Vie Reformees: March 2024

Dear friends,  A month ago our camp for young adults on the topic Glorify God in your Body took place in the South of France. It brought together


Christ gave His life in my place on the Cross. I owe Him my whole life in gratitude. We are told that we are to present our “bodies

Introducing the RPCNA

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America was organized in Philadelphia in 1798. It has a long history. Nonetheless, understanding the denomination today still requires understanding its roots

Christians for Armenia

Making progress in our translation of the Old Testament  Dear friends,  We are preparing to send the Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy) to our printer in Yerevan for a

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