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Tricentennial Celebration

The First 300 years

Tricentennial Celebration

2025 marks the three-hundredth anniversary of our church, which will be highlighted by a Tricentennial Celebration at Mount Rushmore, SD. What a magnificent testimony of God’s goodness and mercy to us, and to those who have gone before us!

I know you share with me the fervent desire that we bequeath unto our children a faithful, confessional Reformed Church. And there has never been a greater opportunity to impress upon our children and grandchildren the great legacy they share.

This Tricentennial, held in conjunction with our synod meeting, gives us the opportunity not only to thank the Lord for his mercy to us, but to share with our church families the stories of those who have gone before us. The Tricentennial website, which may be viewed at, tells the stories of Baron von Steuben, an elder in the German Reformed Church, who drilled Washington’s troops at Valley Forge, and turned a ragtag group of farmers and craftsmen into the Continental Army that defeated the British Empire.

You will see the story of German Reformed newspaper publisher John Peter Zenger, whose trial and acquittal laid the foundation for the First Amendment and liberty of speech. Captain Peter Humrickhouse of our Germantown congregation not only served with Washington at Valley Forge, but on Washington’s orders, delivered the wagon train of ammunition that saved the battle of Yorktown. The Liberty Bell was rescued from the British and hid in our church at Allentown. Twenty percent of our pastors volunteered as chaplains in the Continental Army.

These heroes and events are our legacy, and our nation’s legacy, and our children need to know their names. And that is why we are inviting all RCUS families to join us at Mount Rushmore for the Tricentennial Celebration. The Tricentennial Committee has been working with the National Park Service to make this a truly special time. We will also be conducting memorial events at places like Valley Forge and Yorktown to acknowledge the vital roles played by our forefathers in establishing freedom and religious liberty. We have invited all of our sister denominations to join us in commemorating this historic event. Mark your calendar to attend at Mount Rushmore on June 12, 2025. The committee is, even now, working on travel and housing, campsites and hotels, to ensure that we can accommodate everyone. In many ways, we are reviving our beloved “family camp.”

The Mount Rushmore event will be a celebration, with food, music and multi-media presentations. The Bible tells us that God has established the boundaries of the nations, and we are the beneficiaries of his providential gifts to our country. Our celebration will be unabashedly patriotic, regardless of how unfashionable that may be these days. We are grateful for the liberty we have to gather and worship freely, as we will at the opening worship service of Synod in Rapid City on Monday night, June 9, 2025 and again Wednesday night, June 11, 2025.

Those who choose to come for the week are invited to attend, and there will be numerous family activities planned throughout the week in our beautiful Black Hills.

The Lord willing, I hope to see you there.

Roger Gallimore, President
Synod of the Reformed Church In the United States

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