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Summer Youth Camps

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TASC: Teens Actively Serving Christ

TASC is a one-week Christian service trip for young people hosted by a Reformed Mission Services member church. The age requirements for attending a TASC are two fold. First the students must be between the ages of 14-19. Second, they must also have completed their freshman year of high school. Participants arrive at the host church on a Saturday. They worship with that congregation on Sunday and are “commissioned” for their week of service. From Monday to Thursday, they demonstrate the compassion of Christ by serving those in need in the community, as ambassadors of the host church, bearing witness to the gospel in word and deed. Friday is typically a day away where TASCers can unwind and enjoy fellowship and recreation together. The event ends on Saturday morning as everyone departs to allow sufficient time for travel home.


TASCers spend time daily in small groups fellowshipping with families in the congregation who have opened their homes to them for showers. A pastor or other capable teacher leads evening sessions, bringing the Scriptures to light for the group, connecting their experiences during the day with the truths of God’s word. Following each session, the TASCers break into smaller groups for a time of prayer. Throughout the entire week, there are many opportunities for fellowship and growth that foster lifelong bonds. TASCers are also able to discover and use their God-given gifts and talents as they love and serve God and others.

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