Stewards Fund

Benefits of Using the Stewards Fund

The Stewards Fund (Barnabas Foundation’s donor-advised fund) provides you a simple, flexible and tax-efficient opportunity to support all your favorite causes.

Like a “charitable giving account,” you can give cash and non-cash assets into a single fund and then request grants be made to your church and other ministries that are close to your heart.

  • Timing. Receive an immediate tax deduction when you make a gift. Then, at your convenience, advise Barnabas Foundation to send funds to charities you wish to support.
  • Flexibility. Go online to request grants to charity at any time. You can recommend a one-time grant, or set up recurring grants. You may also choose to designate your gift for a specific purpose.
  • Simplicity. Set up an account in minutes. Access your giving history and receipts all in one place.
  • Privacy. You can choose to make any or all grants anonymously.
  • Expertise. Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Barnabas Foundation staff who will help ensure you are making the right gift at the right time for you.
  • Cost-effective. Many families choose to use their Stewards Fund account as a cost-effective alternative to establishing a private foundation.
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