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South Central Classis

South Central Classis

Under sunny late-winter skies, the 2024 Annual meeting of South Central Classis got under way at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Sutton, NE on March 18 at 1:00 p.m.

Unfortunately, President Matthew Powell became ill while traveling to Classis and was, therefore, unable to attend this year’s meeting. Knowing that all things, including health and sickness, come not by chance but by the providence of God, the delegates continued to trust in their faithful God and Father who confirmed His faithfulness by giving Vice President Randy Klynsma all that was needed to fulfill the president’s duties in Rev. Powell’s absence.

After serving faithfully as Stated Clerk for South Central Classis for the past three years, Rev. Mike McGee stepped down from this office, and his consistent labors were thankfully acknowledged by all Classis delegates. Rev. Chris Bradley was elected as the new Stated Clerk. 

Classis President Matthew Powell’s annual report (read in his absence) provided a good word of encouragement as it reflected upon God’s continued grace in building and upholding Christ’s Bride through the means of grace throughout 2023.

As a note of interest, during his Parochial report Rev. Randy Klynsma related that (according to his understanding) for the first time in history a translation of the Heidelberg Catechism has been completed and is currently being distributed in the Ukraine as ‘The Complete Gospel’ publication. 

On Monday evening Elder Jesse Smith further encouraged those in attendance with a good word from Jonah 4, reminding us that we, like Jonah, can easily slip into our own foolish belief that we know better than God does when it comes to the way of salvation. He has provided the gracious deliverance that is needed through the merits of Christ for all His elect regardless of our limited (and sometimes prejudice) understanding. 

Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. began with a very unannounced yet satisfying breakfast. A devotional teaching given by Rev. Klynsma on John 20:19-31 pressed home the point that Jesus’ corrective blessing to doubting Thomas has application for those of us who have not seen and yet have, through the grace of God, believed!

After concluding the parochial reports which, year after year, reveal God’s faithfulness in various ways, the business of the day continued with the annual finance report wherein we were reminded again of God’s gracious provision. The same is true when it came to hearing how the Lord has seen  fit to add members to the congregations within our Classis.

Following our morning break, the Classis delegates heard the answers of Mr. Jesse Smith as he went through his licensure exam – answering questions from all 16 required subjects. This exam concluded just before another delicious meal provided by the host church. When business resumed, we moved into Executive Session with Classis approving the Candidates and Credentials Committee recommendation that Mr. Smith had satisfactorily sustained his exam. The evening concluded with the delegates hearing from, and dealing with, the majority of the standing committee reports.

Wednesday morning not only brought us into the first day of Spring, but the delegates and their families were also blessed with a very well-announced 7:00 a.m. breakfast that fed their bodies, followed by a good word from Mr. Dave Johnson which fed our souls with a devotional message based upon Psalm 71. 

The next order of business was the licensure exam of Mr. Johnson which took us through the bulk of the day. Although Mr. Johnson was unable to satisfactorily pass his exam at this time, moving forward the delegates encouraged him to finish his seminary degree, to take some time for further study, and to retake the exam in the future, confident that he’s on the right track. 

After making sure that Rev. Carl Gobelman received the entire nickel needed to cover his travel costs, Treasurer and Elder Fred Hofmann closed out the 2024 South Central Classis on Wednesday evening with a devotional on I John 4:1-3. The message especially encouraged the elders of our congregations to carefully guard their pulpits.

The delegates of South Central Classis along with their guests would like to thank the host church, Emmanuel Reformed of Sutton, for their willingness to serve in such a caring and hospitable manner.

Rev. Chris Moulton
Colorado Springs, CO

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