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Every gift, great or small, is a way we show our gratitude to God for His many gifts to us. Explore the ways you can advance the work of the kingdom through the ministries of the RCUS.

John Huss (1369-1415)

The views of John Wycliffe quickly traveled beyond England, crisscrossing Europe. Around the year 1400 his ideas began to take root in Bohemia (a region now known as

Church News: Grace Reformed Church

Grace Reformed Church, Bakersfield, CA infant baptism, June 9, 2024. L to R – Kenton, Hadley & Lylah Crabtree and Rev. Tracy Gruggett Church News: Ordination

Synod 2024

President’s Report on the State of the Church It is truly both an extreme honor and a humbling experience to serve the church as president of Synod. So

Church News: Grace Reformed Church of Dickinson

The members and officers of Grace Reformed Church of Dickinson are planning a special celebration of “Mission Accomplished”, that is the completion of establishing a mission work of

News from Nepal

Christian Friends: CHRIST OUR HOPE IN LIFE AND DEATH is a faith inspiring joyous Keith and Kristyn Getty hymn based on Question and Answer #1 of our beloved Heidelberg

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