Pulpit and Staff Vacancies

Covenant Reformed Church | Gettysburg, PA

Location: 1495 Biglerville Rd. Gettysburg, PA 17325f (not church office)


Covenant Reformed Church

P. O. Box 3981

Gettysburg, PA 17325

Contact: Dennis Luquette knoyse@gmail.com 717-858-4691.  *Email preferred

Church Web Presence:  

Facebook – closed group –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1665586510325820 

Public website: http://www.covenantreformedchurchgettysburg.com

Congregation Information: The Church has 10 families and 28 baptised members.  We are currently renting a 7th Day Adventist Church building, which we would like to have a more visible situation. Gettysburg is obviously a historic community.  The locals often tell visitors who ask where the battlefield is that they are standing on it.  Gettysburg is also home to Gettysburg College, a Lutheran Seminary.  The area is also a fruitful agricultural area with orchards, dairy, turkey, and grain operations.  We are located surrounded by several large cities including the capital of the U.S.  Pennsylvania was once a hub and birthplace of the RCUS.  It is our desire to see God bless it in a similar way.  





Trinity Christian School | Pittsburgh, PA

Trinity Christian School (www.trinitychristian.net), located in Pittsburgh, PA, is a classical Christian school  with a heritage rooted in the Reformed faith. Established in 1953, Trinity Christian School’s mission is to  provide a quality Christian education for the children of believing parents for our community from  Kindergarten to twelfth grade. This education will emphasize that God is to be glorified in all aspects of  our lives. All subjects will be taught from a Reformed Biblical perspective that honors our Triune God as  creator, redeemer, and sanctifier. Our goal is to equip our students to fulfill their calling in family, church,  and society in a way which is pleasing to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Trinity Christian School is a member of ACCS and accredited through Christian Schools International  (CSI) and Middle States Association (MSA). Trinity Christian School (www.trinitychristian.net), located  in Pittsburgh, PA, is seeking a full-time Second Grade teacher to begin in the fall of 2022. 

We seek the following in all our teachers: 

  1. Classroom experience 
  2. A passion for classical Christian education 
  3. A love for children 
  4. A working understanding of classroom management 
  5. A love for learning 
  6. Strong communication skills 
  7. A willingness to lead under authority 
  8. A mature faith in Jesus Christ 

Qualified candidates must have an interest in and an understanding of classical Christian education, as well as at least a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Teaching experience is preferred and  experience in a classical Christian school would be a benefit. It is important to note that our faculty is to  be a member of a local Reformed church, where they are under the oversight of the elders and under  the teaching of the truths of the Covenant upon which our philosophy is based. 

Please visit our employment tab at https://www.trinitychristian.net/about/employment to review our  mission statement and other pertinent documents for applying. Interested candidates should submit a  resume and cover letter to Mrs. Vicki Smith at office@trinitychristian.net.

Click here for PDF informational flyer.




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