Pulpit and Staff Vacancies


Peace Reformed Church | Garner, IA

Email: Elder John Larson – jandclars@gmail.com

Phone: 515-341-5113 (cell)

Congregation Information: PRC is a country church located 3 miles south of Garner. We have been an organized church for 144 years. Currently, we have 31 baptized members. The Parsonage is located next to the church on a spacious plot of land with our “park” across the road. Garner is primarily an agricultural community with manufacturing and professional careers as well.


Salem Ebenezer | Manitowoc, WI

Contact Email: larryshellystock@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 920-323-4555

Church Size and Brief Description: We have approximately 120 members with a majority of members over the age of 50. We have 4 or 5 families with small children (<10). We are in a rural area 5 miles south of Manitowoc, a city of 32000.

Grace Reformed Church | Willows, CA

Location: 148 West Sycamore St., Willows, CA, 95988

Contact Email: jsphgross7@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 530 717-3146

Congregation Summary: 43 baptized members, (26 communicant), rural congregation meeting in a downtown location, lots of young children, (pre-teen to infant), several seasoned couples.

Providence Reformed Church | Limon, CO

Contact Email: limonreformed@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 719-446-5461

Church Size and Brief Description: We are a small congregation located in the town of Limon in the eastern plains of Colorado. Our congregation of approximately 35 communicant members consists of retirees, small business owners, and ranchers/farmers. Currently, our Elders exhort on Sunday morning and once a month a retired OPC minister preaches the gospel and serves the Lord’s supper. Our congregation is committed to spreading the gospel in our area and we have many visitors, some of whom are presently in membership classes.

Christ Reformed Church | Minot, SD

Location: Minot, ND

Contact Email: jsnyder@nd.gov

Contact Phone: 701 721-2982 or 701 240-9402

Church Size and Brief Description: Our currents church membership is 45 members. We have been getting between 20-30 visitors coming each Sunday. Some have expressed interest in becoming members. We meet in the Park South apts’ building which we share with another church. Its a great set up for space, rooms and a kitchen.

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