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Our World Mission

Dear brothers and sisters,
At Christmas time, we remember and celebrate the incredible love God showed us in sending His Son to earth for us, to bring to us His Word, the gospel. We, too, can join in giving the gospel this Christmas season each in his own way as we are each blessed, to others on the other side of the world in Kenya.
The churches of the Reformed Fellowship Church of Kenya (RFCK) that we support possess only a handful of Bibles and even fewer families in the churches have a Bible of their own to read in their common language. This was the most pressing need the Kenyan leaders recently communicated to Jerry and Matt DeYoung, two RCUS men who visited the churches there at the end of November on behalf of the Foreign Missions Committee. The Kenya pastor’s request is“Please help to provide us with 100, maybe even 200 Bibles!” Depending on the language, a Bible for one of these brothers or sisters costs $8-10 each. Would you be able to support this need by providing funds for one or two Bibles?
The gospel is most effectively presented by the spoken word from a trained pastor, who in any country is a precious blessing from God. Heidelberg Seminary is currently providing remote seminary training to men in Kenya via two different meeting locations, one in Kenyenya and the other in Meru. Many more men would like to receive this training to be pastors, but the distance to these locations is too great for them by foot. To fill this need, the Foreign Missions Committee would like to open two more sites, one in Bumala and one in Kisumu. As more centers open, this will expand the reach of the Heidelberg Seminary courses being broadcast live to train these men for the ministry. The cost to provide the equipment needed to do this is $1400 per site, a larger number yet very achievable if many of us in the RCUS each donate even a small amount.
Together we as a denomination have the opportunity this Christmas to bless these fellow Christians in Kenya with the gospel. Your gift, large or small, will put Bibles in the hands and homes of these Kenyan brothers and sisters and provide, through the work of Heidelberg Seminary, the means to train up pastors to shepherd and teach them the precious truths of God’s word.

Your contributions can be designated for Kenya and either given to your local deacon or sent to: Providence Reformed Church, 245 East Vine St.Lodi, CA 95240

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