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Urgent need for Spanish-language Reformed books

Reformed Spanish-language books
The team recently translated ”Theology of the Covenant” by RCUS pastor Dr. Frank Walker.

Workers on the field in Latin America report an urgent need for Reformed Spanish-language books. While “prosperity gospel” books are widely available, solidly Reformed books – particularly seminary textbooks – are in short supply. Many critically-important Reformed texts remain untranslated, prompting calls from Reformed Church translation team leader Rev. Valentín Alpuche for U.S. churches to step up.

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“We have the translators, editors, and publishers ready and waiting,’” says Alpuche, “but every month we have to have them stand down while we wait for funding.” He hastens to point out that the streamlined translation team is highly efficient, and can translate, edit and proof a 250-page book for about $500 U.S. dollars. “Demand is strong enough for Reformed Spanish-language books that we don’t have to fund the publishing up front.”

At a recent confab in Columbia, conservative Reformed and Presbyterian leaders met to address the most urgent needs for Reformed churches. Near the top of the list was translating Reformed books. ”We could double, or even triple the number of books translated with what is really a very small investment,” said Alpuche. ”This is the time to think, and act strategically.”

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