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October | Over 30 Reformed churches to Meet Namibia as Part of the International Conference of Reformed Churches

More than 30 worldwide Reformed churches will meet this October in Namibia as part of the International Conference of Reformed Churches quadrennial gathering. Attached is their most recent online magazine. Don’t miss the biographical remembrance of Dr. Helen McGregor Ramsay, an Australian missionary to India who recently went to be with the Lord. It’s not to be missed!

Benjamin Rush

While so much of our denomination is now centered in the midwest, it is important to be reminded that our American roots stem largely from the early migration

Hope Haven

Hope Haven

Hope Haven works to care for those abroad and those here at home. Their work in providing a “dream home” for Allie is made possible through the support

Our World Mission

Dear brothers and sisters,At Christmas time, we remember and celebrate the incredible love God showed us in sending His Son to earth for us, to bring to us

Should I Always Expect Goodness from God?

In Lord’s Day #35, Question #94 of the Heidelberg Catechism it says, in part, “trust in [God] alone, with all humility and patience, expect all good from Him

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