Giving Stock: the perfect year-end way to give

3 Benefits of Giving Stock

Your generosity can extend the effectiveness and scope of the work of the Reformed Church.

If you’re contemplating a year-end gift, consider giving appreciated stock to stretch the value and impact of your support. Not only will you further the important work of the church, but you will also benefit from tremendous cost-savings! 

When you donate stock or other securities that you’ve owned for at least a year, you … 

  1. Give in a substantial way without restricting your cash flow,  
  2. Receive a fair market value tax deduction at the time of your gift, and
  3. Avoid taxes you would have owed on the sale.

Giving stock is the perfect, cost-effective way to close out a year of generosity. You’ll experience the peace of knowing you have used your God-given resources in both an efficient and effective way to support the Reformed Church’s missions and diaconal acts of mercy.

To learn more about giving stock to support the mission of the Reformed Church, email Rich Carroll at

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