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News from Nepal

Christian Friends: CHRIST OUR HOPE IN LIFE AND DEATH is a faith inspiring joyous Keith and Kristyn Getty hymn based on Question and Answer #1 of our beloved Heidelberg Catechism. (It should be the RCUS/URC anthem IMO! If you know, you know.😉) We have had it translated and have been teaching it to our brothers and sisters in Nepal with the patient help and love of the pastors and leaders there. Here is a current VBS class singing it. With special and deep thanks to dear Sanish Pandey for his faithfulness and loving service to the orphans and children of Nepal.

– Julie Cameron Roe

Hearts for the Harvest


We live in a world which has become far too frantic.  If we have a moment to step back and wonder, we usually cannot figure out how our

Covenant East Classis President’s Report

I begin this report with encouragement to all ministers, officers, members, and even the very young to pray for Covenant East Classis.  An overwhelming request for prayer was

John Huss (1369-1415)

The views of John Wycliffe quickly traveled beyond England, crisscrossing Europe. Around the year 1400 his ideas began to take root in Bohemia (a region now known as

Church News: Grace Reformed Church

Grace Reformed Church, Bakersfield, CA infant baptism, June 9, 2024. L to R – Kenton, Hadley & Lylah Crabtree and Rev. Tracy Gruggett Church News: Ordination

Synod 2024

President’s Report on the State of the Church It is truly both an extreme honor and a humbling experience to serve the church as president of Synod. So

Church News: Grace Reformed Church of Dickinson

The members and officers of Grace Reformed Church of Dickinson are planning a special celebration of “Mission Accomplished”, that is the completion of establishing a mission work of

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