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Why Does God Allow Evil?

During a Family Bible Study held at our church, a question was asked regarding the activities of Satan and his demons: “why does God let that happen?” The context of the question was in regards to our study through Revelation 12:7-17. In that passage, we see a war in heaven between Satan and his demons […]

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​Anecdotes of Church History

1. A Graphic Metaphor is Misapplied Years ago, one of our RCUS ministers overheard a conversation in a hospital waiting-room, which featured a man who lashed out against his sick friend’s doctor. “He has the bedside man- ner of a blacksmith,” he observed, disapprovingly. The metaphor so captured the minister’s imagination that he used it himself to describe sounding-brass, tinkling-cymbal

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Church News

News From Herreid In August and September, the Lord blessed First Reformed Church (Herreid) with one profession of faith and five baptisms! We praise God for growing His church and blessing us with a multitude of covenant children. Sewing Center The funds we have sent to the Congo for the sewing center has resulted in

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New Children’s Books

An interview-style article by the author of the children’s books: for Who Is God? and God is My Song. By Jennifer Gohl, a member of St. Paul Evangelical RUCS, Hamburg MN. How did you get the idea for these books? Some years ago, when my oldest was still just a baby, I was considering how

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Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575)

When I was busy earning my M.Div. back in the mid-1970s, I heard nothing about the Swiss Reformer, Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575). Perhaps, unsurprisingly, you have never heard his name mentioned in connection with the Protestant Reformation either. I do seem to recall that in my Church History courses the name of Huldrych Zwingli was mentioned

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Our World Mission

News on our RCUS Foreign Missions | Westminster Biblical Missions: Lahore, Pakistan The mission field in Lahore, Pakistan, an ancient but very large city that is 95% Muslim began fifty years ago when Westminster Biblical Missions was created to support the fledgling work of Rev Sardar Ahmed Din and the Bible Believing Lahore Church Council

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New Book

The Rev. Dr. Kevin Carroll, pastor of the Grace Reformed Church in Mitchell, recently had his book, Biblical Languages and the Busy Pastor published by GlossaHouse Publishing: The book grew out of his interest in Greek and Hebrew that began while he was in college and his concern that many pastors fail to use the biblical languages to enhance

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Battle of Jericho

Introduction In graduate school, my professor in the class “History of Warfare” mentioned that the best book to use when analyzing warfare is the Bible. As a Christian history professor myself, I tend to agree. My research interest is examining Christianity correlated to global conflicts, specifically wars. As Christians, we hold dear to our hearts

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