Nov – Dec 2023 | Reformed Herald

Nov – Dec 2023 | Reformed Herald

On Paved Roads at Night

On Paved Roads at Night

I’ve heard there’s a placeOvershadowed by treesWhere black water cascades to the seaAnd leaves fall in grace,Catch the light and the breeze:Falling patterns of shadow and green. Here where I sitThe house creaks in the nightAnd lamps shine discordant with light.The night winds don’t fitWith the steel and black tar,Rattling windows left slightly ajar. Katherine […]

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getting to know God

Getting to Know God

How well do you know God? How do we get to know God? There is one place for us to find these things: The Bible. As a pastor, I presume to tell people what God says and wants. How do we know what is true? The Bereans in Acts searched the scriptures daily to see

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the hourglass

The Hourglass

Time keeps passing.Moving into a new year can bring renewed optimism and a sense of new beginnings. People with this outlook see opportunities and a chance to start again. Or it might bring a certain heaviness. Another year is ended, so much still hasn’t been done, and our window of opportunity is smaller than it

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Building His Church

Building His Church

A Report of the South-CentralClassis Meeting Held on October 1-2 George Whitefield once said, in comparing a dead ministry to a living one, that “if ministers are warmed with the love of God themselves, they cannot but be instruments of diffusing that love among others.” The love of God fills the heart and soul of

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Young Adult Reformed Fellowship 2

Young Adult Reformed Fellowship

Young Adult Reformed Fellowship (YARF) met again in Aberdeen, SD September 8-10. This time we saw 15 attendees, from 5 different churches. (Watertown, Aberdeen, Eureka, Sioux Falls, and Greeley) Attendees arrived Friday evening for some Nachos and Cards at the fellowship hall. After cleaning up, we left for a campfire and smores at the Bowen

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Foi & Vie Reformees

Foi & Vie Reformees

Remembering our Forefathers in the Faith Dear Friends,18 November is fast approaching as I write this newsletter in the midst of another outburst of international turmoil, the global consequences of which are not clear yet. The situation is threatening enough to bring us to a renewed focus on our ultimate hope, which is the coming

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welcoming committee report

Welcoming Committee Report

It has been an eventful fall thus far, highlighted by two meetings with pastors exploring the RCUS. On October 26, Covenant East Classis President Dennis Luquette, Welcoming Committee members Wayne Johnson and Rev. Win Groseclose, and Revs. Sam Rodriguez and Ron Potter were privileged to spend four hours with pastors from two original German Reformed

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