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Reformed Herald May – June 2023

Synod 2023

Most synods begin with joy. Pastors and elders from across the country gather to advance the work and ministry of the denomination as a whole. This begins with informal greetings, handshakes, and hugs. The first official business we do is gathering for worship. This year’s opening worship service was conducted by Pastor Jeff Munive (from

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Empty Houses

Left to themselves, all on their own,  No longer wanted, cared for, loved; Solitary vessels – cavernous, alone – Sail oceans of prairie; no longer home. These empty houses, old and worn, Twixt hay and wheat fields, shaved and shorn. One ponders thus, “What must have been?” And pictures what transpired then… Years ago, burgeoning

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Synod President’s Report

Esteemed Fathers and Brethren: What a rich privilege it is for each of us to be appointed in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ through the church as pastors and elders. I marvel that God has taken us as ordinary men from out of our sins and miseries, redeemed us through Jesus Christ our

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It’s All About THE Story

Worshiping as a synod is a joyful experience, filled as it is with praise of our glorious God via His Word proclaimed, a multitude of voices joined in rousing response, and dependence on Him evidenced by the prayers of His saints thankful for His grace and love in Christ Jesus.During one of the worship services

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