July – Aug 2024 | Reformed Herald

July – Aug 2024 | Reformed Herald

Worship with OPC Churches

What to expectWhat would it be like to worship with a congregation of our sister church, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), when your travels take you outside the fields served by the RCUS? Beginnings of the OPCWith the infiltration of theological liberalism and the social gospel, the mainline PCUSA had departed from historic Christianity, including […]

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Baba Yetu

I love music and I love to sing. So did my mom. Growing up I would climb onto the kitchen counter and sit next to the radio and together we would listen to the local radio station and sing along with all the songs… The Lord has continued to bless my life with music and

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We live in a world which has become far too frantic.  If we have a moment to step back and wonder, we usually cannot figure out how our lives have become so hectic.  Much of this busyness comes from the way in which everything is clamoring for our focus.  “All you have to do is…this.”

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Olympia Morata

Women in Church History Scholar, Refugee, and Daughter of the Reformation Olympia Morata was born in 1526 or 1527 to a university instructor in the Italian city of Ferrara. She was blessed with a father who took the time to personally educate his children and also employed language tutors for the young girl. With her

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John Huss (1369-1415)

The views of John Wycliffe quickly traveled beyond England, crisscrossing Europe. Around the year 1400 his ideas began to take root in Bohemia (a region now known as the Czech Republic), where Wycliffe was called the fifth evangelist.   Roman Catholic bishops in Bohemia banned Wycliffe’s writings. But John Huss (Jan Hus), a brilliant Bohemian

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