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FINALLY!!!  After 4+ years of no full time pastor, Providence Reformed Church of Limon, CO was blessed to witness the Ordination, Installation and Graduation from New Geneva Seminary of Licentiate Chris Bradley. Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023 the Ordination/Installation Committee of South Central Classis represented by Pastor Chris Moulton from Trinity RCUS in Colorado Springs and several elders officially ordained and installed Mr. Bradley in front of a packed church.

    Chris Bradley’s path to the Reformed faith was a circuitous one but in 2015/2016 while serving in the Air Force in Colorado Springs he started classes at New Geneva Seminary. He had no intentions of becoming a full time pastor, But God had other plans. At the time, Providence Reformed in Limon was without a Pastor and several students from New Geneva had been filling the pulpit, among whom was Chris.  Eventually Chris was drawn to the RCUS, and along with his wife Janene, children Isaiah, Josiah and Hannah, moved their membership from a PCA church in Colorado Springs to Limon and then was asked to preach twice monthly.  It wasn’t long before Chris felt that he needed to finish seminary and serve full time.     

   Chris passed his Licensure exams at the March meeting of South Central Classis, then successfully sustained his Ordination exam in September. On Nov. 19 the Ordination and Installation service was held. Pastor Wes O’Neill of the PCA (who also had been filling the pulpit at Providence Reformed) gave the Charge to the Congregation from Heb. 13, and Pastor Chris Moulton (who also had filled the pulpit) gave the Charge to the Candidate from Eccles. 1. The laying on of hands is always a powerful and somber moment and many Elders and Pastors participated in the event. 

   Chris finished his Seminary requirements in October, and as he was the only graduate this year of New Geneva Seminary, his ceremony was held at the Limon church immediately following the Ordination/Installation service. Dr. John Leaf, Dr. Dominic Aquila and Dr. Mark House from New Geneva participated in the Graduation Ceremony, all of whom had filled the Providence pulpit during the years without a pastor. 

A celebratory potluck dinner was enjoyed after the service.

    It was a wonderful and blessed day!!! We at Providence Reformed are so thankful to our sovereign Lord who brought Chris to us.  Chris showed his shepherd’s heart for our congregation by not only filling the pulpit but serving us in providing counselling, Consistory meetings, helping with the building remodel, and leading Bible Studies, all while commuting 80 miles from his home in Colorado Springs, working full time and taking seminary classes. We have come to know and love Chris and his family over the last 4 years, and are delighted to welcome him as our new Pastor. May God bless Chris’s ministry in the eastern plains of Colorado. 

Anne Savage,
Providence Reformed Church, Limon CO

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