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Christians for Armenia

Christians for Armenia

Making progress in our translation of the Old Testament 

Dear friends, 

We are preparing to send the Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy) to our printer in Yerevan for a limited printout aimed at receiving feedback on our translation from Hebrew to modern Eastern Armenian. We continue to follow up closely the work of our translator and editors. 1 Samuel is currently in its editing phase, and the translation of 2 Samuel has started. An excellent spirit of collaboration prevails within our team, as we can hear when we talk to them. It is a cause of great satisfaction for our committee. Of course, the way ahead is still long, however every completed step is not just progress, but also an opportunity for growth and for a better grasp of the challenges posed by the translation of the Old Testament. 

New avenues for spreading our written material 

Recently, an Armenian Evangelical pastor from Moscow made contact with our representative and manager in Armenia, br. Artur Minasyan, expressing keen interest in our publications. His ministry actually extends to other Armenian churches within the Russian Federation (there is a very large community of Armenians living there). It was soon decided that 250 copies of the New Testament & Psalms would be purchased and shipped to Moscow, at the expense of these churches (they are already on their way). A license to print the gospel of John separately (2000 copies) in our translation and with our logo, was also granted to him, with CFA retaining the copyright. They are planning to use the Gospel of John booklets for evangelism. We certainly thank the Lord for this collaboration that opens new avenues for ministering among Armenians outside of our traditional area of outreach. 

Keeping publishing shorter books 

In the meantime, we are publishing a line of shorter books aimed at nourishing and strengthening the faith of the Armenian public as this remains a concern to us. Obviously, with such a demanding project as the translation of the Bible, we cannot undertake big projects that would not be financially sustainable. This is why we have opted for shorter books these past few years (like the series of studies on Genesis by Rev Mark Vanderhart, which have been very well received). This year we intend to publish my short book of 30 meditations in French En Esprit et en verité that was released in Canada in 2022, followed the same year by a bilingual edition printed in South Africa (In spirit and in truth). Most of these meditations have already been translated into Armenian for our series of shorter podcasts that are on the air through the Radio Hay network. 

An ongoing critical situation 

Armenia still lives under the threat of its neighbor Azerbaijan: after the fall of the Karabagh autonomous region last year and the forced flight of its 120.000 Armenian inhabitants towards the Republic of Armenia, the specter of an invasion of the Southern regions is present in all Armenian minds. Our ministry’s effort to raise a fund to help refugees supported by the Endanik Centre in Gyumri elicited good reactions, mainly from several outreach ministries. Along with our newsletter we are sending you a report about the reception and use of these funds that will allow you to grasp better the crises and challenges that were met and still need attention. 

May our gracious Lord extend His hand of protection upon all His children who suffer under some other circumstances, be it persecution, exile, famine or violence. And as we prepare to celebrate the great gift of life through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, may we remember the trustworthy saying : if we have died with him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him (2 Tim. 2.20) 

Warmly in Christ, 
Rev Eric Kayayan 
On behalf of the committee of Christians for Amenia 

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Christians for Armenia

Making progress in our translation of the Old Testament  Dear friends,  We are preparing to send the Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy) to our printer in Yerevan for a

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