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Deep Roots

Deep Roots

There was once a cherry tree that stood in a little front yard in Colorado Springs: Grandpa’s tree. I have a pendant made from its wood, given to me at a funeral. I used to climb that tree with my brothers; sit in its dark, spreading branches to enjoy the clear sun and sky of …

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Heidelberg West Youth Camp

Heidelberg West Youth Camp

Praise God the Heidelberg West Youth Camp in California met in June of 2022 at the Sierra Christian Campground in the Green Horn Mountains of Cleveland National Forest. Our topic for this year was “Christian Living” with lessons focused on “Glorifying God, Imitating Christ And Serving Others.” This is the Bible passage it is based …

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Church building update

Church Building Update

Greetings in the Lord! Finally, we’ve transferred to our new church building! Our first worship service was on May 7th with most of the family members in attendance. There were also those who came from the neighborhood, both adults and children. We are more motivated than ever to do evangelization and reach out to our …

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News from Kenya

The College/Church building in Kenyenya, Kenya, is almost completed. Since December the churches and people of the RCUS have sent in enough funds to finish the building. All praise to God! The men have been working feverishly since the rains stopped and are doing a very good job. Much of the labor is done by …

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Stop and think

Stop and Think

The book of Ecclesiastes has a number of texts that make us scratch our heads and wonder a little. To give just a few examples: • “In much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow” (1:18). • “Therefore I hated life” (2:17). • “A time to hate” (3:18). • “I praised …

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Mission Trip

To Vicente Guerrero, Baja California, Mexico | June 24-26, 2023 Interviewing Pastor Octavio Valenzuela José and I had a very open and pleasant conversation with Pastor Octavio. We asked him questions about his church and theological background, his current ministry in Vicente Guerrero, and his intentions about establishing contact with the RCUS. When Jose took Pastor Octavio’s …

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Vicente Guerrero BC Norte

I’m always enthralled to see the Lord’s Work where we least expect it, and this recently happened in a little town of Vicente Guerrero BC Norte. This small agricultural town is about 100 miles south of Ensenada BC which is a large city known as a stop over by cruise lines on their way south …

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Acquaintedness with our Priviliges

Back in the early 19th century, Charles Finney was a religious “influencer.” These days, that term is applied commonly to lifestyle vloggers on TikTok, the app that’s been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide.Finney has been called the “father of American revivalism” and he developed a methodology that emphasized creating the right spiritual environment for …

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