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Benjamin Rush

While so much of our denomination is now centered in the midwest, it is important to be reminded that our American roots stem largely from the early migration of Germans through Pennsylvania. Names like J.P. Boehm and G.M. Weiss remind us of the early years when German Christians were hungry for spiritual food and ordained …

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Our World Mission

Dear brothers and sisters,At Christmas time, we remember and celebrate the incredible love God showed us in sending His Son to earth for us, to bring to us His Word, the gospel. We, too, can join in giving the gospel this Christmas season each in his own way as we are each blessed, to others …

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Reformed Church in the United States RCUS

Using the Gift of Reason

We are living in what has been called “postmodern” times. Our culture elevates emotion and celebrates imagination. Reason, however, has not totally lost its influence. It still has significant “sway over the centers of knowledge and power in society.”1 We see this in the advocates of theological liberalism. The Supremacy of Human Reason in Liberalism Contemporary …

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Words and Meanings

Some words change meaning over time. For instance, the earliest meaning of English “bully” was “sweetheart” (so says, but in our day its accepted meaning is a far cry from “sweetheart” (!) and if one needs to learn the current definition of “bully”, standard dictionaries prescribe it. A dictionary changing the meaning of a …

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