WBM-Mexico update

Following meetings at Juan Calvino Seminario, the Westminster Biblical Missions team headed into the Michoacán region to meet with two WBM mission congregations.

Westminster Biblical Missions -Mexico Update

Westminster Biblical Missions-Mexico has continued the work among the Tarascan Indian peoples originally begun by Dr. Max Lathrop.

“Must Watch” video

Seminario Reformado de las Américas premieres new video at URCNA Synod. Meeting in Medellín, Colombia, Calvinists leaders from across Latin America met to strategize about training new ministers and planting churches. Seminario Reformado de las Américas was a key player in developing a strategic planning group that would prioritize seminary education, and translation efforts. Seminario …

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Growing the RCUS Part 2

Reformed Group Network – a plan to connect small groups The new RCUS website was designed to attract inquiries from; a) existing churches exploring their denominational options, and b) those seeking to plant a new Reformed work in their community.  Within the first week after the launch, inquiries began to come in. While some were …

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Growing the RCUS, Part 1

“Orthodoxy and intent.” When our forefathers included those words in the RCUS Constitution, they clearly meant it as a welcoming invitation for ministers seeking to join our denomination.  There was a period in the not-too-distant past when those words breathed new life into our church. It began in the 1970’s when two former Baptists – Revs. …

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Hope Haven Developmental Disabilities Awareness for Month of March

During the month of March, which is designated a time to highlight Developmental Disabilities Awareness, Hope Haven celebrated and highlighted just some of the ways their clients use their gifts and talents in the community. Check out all the stories at the link below.

March-April Reformed Herald

The latest issue of the Reformed Herald has been posted! Find it and past issues here: Featured Articles In a Time of War  Rev. George Horner Report on the 2022 Synod Home Missions Conference Rev. Cody Schwichtenberg Mourning Well  Rev. Chuck Muether Howard Hart’s 6oth Anniversary of His Ordination Report on the 37th Meeting of …

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Praying for Ukraine – Reformed Lineage and Brethren

Pray for Ukraine’s Christian churches, especially for our Reformed and Presbyterian brethren.  Many in the RCUS can trace their lineage to German Reformed settlements in this part of the world. Pictured below is the German Reformed Church in Odessa, Ukraine that today is home to a congregation founded by the Presbyterian Church in America.  (For …

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