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The Gospel-Forward Church

Putting the mission in mission works A friend once told me about the time he visited his old seminary in Philadelphia. One professor, long retired, had helped to shape his ministry, and he enquired where he might find him. He was given directions to his nearby home, but as he turned onto the street, he stopped short.

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Love is Patient

Long ago my husband and I bought a used car. It was a terrible decision: we know nothing about cars. Nor did we know much about sales pitches. We prayed about it, and bought a lemon. It needed the same expensive transmission repair every year we owned it. One year, it needed that repair right

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Why Are Religions Different?

Churches have a lot of things in common. But they are not all the same. There are differences as well as similarities, as anyone who has visited other churches while on vacation can verify. And if there are differences between one congregation and another, or one denomination and another, that’s even more obvious between one

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Lahti Reformed Church

It is a fact of history that God expands His kingdom at his own time table. When He does, it is through His grace that men and women are often moved into giving their lives for the specific purpose of planting a new local church in a given area. The circumstances around a new mission

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Foi & Vie Reformees

NEWSLETTER  December 2023  Three weeks after commemorating the death of Philippe Duplessis- Mornay (1623-2023) at the castle of Saumur (Western central France), I can say with great relief that everything went very well. After several months of intense preparations the evening of 18 November was marked by a double conference, one of them by a

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