Hannah Foster

Hope Haven

Hope Haven, a work supported by the RCUS, has various works including refurbishing and providing wheel chairs to those in need, caring for individuals through community living and other services, and providing work opportunities. The article below provides a glimpse at the role of Double HH Manufacturing in the mission of Hope Haven. https://www.hopehaven.org/double-hh-manufacturing-creates-opportunities/

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7th Annual Abide Retreat

If you are aged 18 to mid-30’s, single or married, it’s road trip time! September 1-4, 2023 at Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center in Sumas, Washington. https://www.abide.net/retreat2023 (Early Bird discount registration until May 15) Sponsored by ABIDE for young adults from NAPARC churches (RCUS, OPC, RPCNA, URCNA, etc.)

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Congregational News

It was a joyful celebration at Trinity Reformed Church in Modesto, CA Friday evening, as the congregation witnessed the ordination and installation of their new pastor, Rev. Tim Curtis. Rev. Frank Walker and Rev. Paul Treick delivered the messages, with Rev. Dennis Roe presiding.

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Bible for RCUS Reformed Church of the United States

There was a Levite Once

The pattern is set in the first chapters of Judges: people sin, and God sends judgment. People repent, and God delivers them from judgment. The figure of the deliverer is a vague pencil outline in the first chapters; but it becomes very clear in Samson. Samson is as frustratingly filled out with real human details

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