Western Classis

Meeting this year at Grace Reformed Church in Willows, the Western Classis enjoyed excellent hospitality and good fellowship. Rev. Doug Schlegel, elected as president for a second consecutive year, ably led the proceedings, while Rev. Ruben Zartman took up the post of clerk. These men and the addition of Elder Jeff Jones comprise the executive committee for 2024. 

Highlights include Classis’ reception of a new minister, Rev. David Voytek, who is the minister of the Willows congregation. Classis also examined Rev. Rudy Rubio and Rev. Chris Marquez, who minister at the Reformed Church of Los Angeles in Lynwood, California, currently an independent congregation. Both men did well on the exams, and Classis enthusiastically granted them license to preach in the RCUS.

At this meeting the Western Classis fulfilled the directive of Synod to allocate time go over the process of discipline. Another item of note, Classis engaged in lengthy discussion about the constitutionality of receiving incarcerated persons into membership. Classis judged the constitution does not forbid incarcerated persons from becoming members, yet each Spiritual Council should consider whether it would be advisable to do so on a case-by-case basis. Finally, Classis has assigned a permanent committee to explore ways for ministers of Classis to gather for fellowship and refreshment during the year; and appointed a special committee to study the question of classical boundaries being extended past the national border.

Rev. Tracy Gruggett

Western Classis Report

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