The 2022 meeting of the South Central Classis, held at Providence Reformed Church in Rock Springs, Wyoming, got under way on Monday March 28th beginning with a pre-classis meeting wherein all available delegates discussed the topic of building community within our congregations. The men shared what type of community-building efforts they had practiced in the past, along with various successes and failures. Perhaps the most common level of success in building community within a particular congregation occurred through community out-reach, as many members were interested in, and enjoyed participating in, those areas of ministry which filled a need.  

Following the pre-classis meeting, the delegates, their wives, and other attendees were provided with a delightful meal by the saints at Providence Reformed. Beginning promptly at 7:00 p.m. Rev. Travis Grassmid conducted a worship service, and Rev. Matt Powell fed our souls with the preaching of the Word from Galatians 5:13-26. The sermon was an encouragement to obey God’s law, not in the power of the flesh – not with an attitude of heart that is self-sufficient – but motivated by the love of God to us in Jesus Christ. At the conclusion of the worship service, it was business as usual such as, taking roll call, welcoming of visitors, standing committee assignments, voting for officers, etc., concluding with the right hand of fellowship extended to Rev. Carl Gobelman, as this was his first classis meeting as a fully ordained Minister of the Word. 

The business resumed the following morning at 8:00 a.m. with a devotion led by Rev. Jon Blair based upon Matthew 14:22-23. Rev. Blair stressed the disciple’s response to Jesus’ calming of the storm, namely, their worship of the Lord who saves and delivers His own in spite of their weak faith.  

President Matt Powell then presented his State of the Classis report for 2021 with a theme of “the continuing nature” of the various churches making up the South Central Classis as we all return to a certain level of “normalcy” this side of the Covid-19 outbreak. Additional reports then followed including the parochial reports from each congregation. Of note from those reports was the upcoming retirement of Rev. John Blair as he anticipates the conclusion of his ministry at Grace Reformed in Greeley, CO at the end of 2022. We are all thankful for his faithful service over the past many years, and we pray that he and Wendy are richly blessed in the next chapter of their lives. Also of note was the receiving of the work in Manhattan, MT as an official church plant of the RCUS.  

Part way through the parochial reports we broke for another delicious meal provided by the host church and then we reconvened at 1:00 p.m. to hear, and to be blessed by, the conclusion of the parochial reports. The constitutional questions answered by the SCC elders, and we also heard from OPC delegate Patrick Morgan who now labors at Heidelberg Seminary. The classis then moved on to the various committee reports, both special and standing. As is usually the case, some of the reports were very straight-forward, leading to little or no discussion, while others resulted in livelier and more lengthy discussion.  

After still another wonderful meal provided by the brothers and sisters at Providence Reformed, we concluded the business as a whole with a devotion presented by Elder Dave Kimble.  

All who attended the classis would like to extend their thanks to the generous love and labors of the saints at Providence Reformed. The hospitality provided left nothing to be desired. It should be added that Rev. Vusich’s wife, Gioia, entertained the ladies with an afternoon tea in the parsonage. Throughout all of the business there was a spirit of brotherly love as the desire of everyone was to do what is best and most edifying for the flock of God under their care in accord with God’s Word.  

Rev. Chris Moulton 

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