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In August and September, the Lord blessed First Reformed Church (Herreid) with one profession of faith and five baptisms! We praise God for growing His church and blessing us with a multitude of covenant children.

Bentley Vander Vorst was baptized August 21st.
Kimberly Starkey made a profession of faith and her three children Rhys, Noah, and Zoe (bottom) were baptized August 28th.
Hudson Kocher was baptized September 18th.

Sewing Center

The funds we have sent to the Congo for the sewing center has resulted in this building.  It is not quite finished yet, but they have students coming into it and will be moving in the tables and sewing machines.  They are in need of more tables and additional sewing machines because the program is too popular as can be seen by the number of young ladies in attendance. It is my hope that we can come up with something like this to teach young men usable trades to make a living.

Jerry DeYoung


Baptism of Adalyn Jacey Shillcox, with her parents Austin and Kayla, and big brother Everett. 10/23/22
Salem-Ebenezer RCUS, Manitowoc, WI
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