News on our RCUS Foreign Missions | Westminster Biblical Missions: Lahore, Pakistan

The mission field in Lahore, Pakistan, an ancient but very large city that is 95% Muslim began fifty years ago when Westminster Biblical Missions was created to support the fledgling work of Rev Sardar Ahmed Din and the Bible Believing Lahore Church Council Lahore (BBLCCL). Together that work has grown to include nearly fifty congregations in Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad with forty pastors serving those churches. The essential pastors for these churches receive their training at the nearby Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Pakistan in Lahore. Presently, there are 4-5 students preparing for the ministry, a small but desperately needed group of men. In order to teach the many illiterate in the region to read and write, WBM has helped to set up 35 literacy centers for the adults. To provide a Christian education to the poor children, they built five Calvin Academies, which have a combined enrollment of nearly 2,260 students, to teach the Scriptures and each child how to read the Bible in the Urdu language. Many of the families in Pakistan live in great poverty. A sewing program has made it possible for young girls to learn the skills of a seamstress to assist with the families’ financial needs. The Lord has also blessed the very poor people who do not have the money a means to care for their health needs by providing two medical clinics each with a doctor, nurse and pharmacist. God is amazingly and visibly growing His Church in Pakistan through Westminster Biblical Missions and BBLCCL in spite of its opposition to Christianity such that the gospel can still be proclaimed and demonstrated by the value given to every image bearer of God and the compassion shown by caring for their needs.

Please pray for each of these Pakistani brothers and sisters in Christ, that He would build them up and encourage them as they worship and seek to serve Him in country that continues to persecute Christians. Pray for the children they minister to, that God would cause the seeds they sow to blossom in faith and that His Church in Pakistan would continue to grow. Pray also for Rev Jonathan Merica and Rev Howard Sloan as they are finally able to travel to Lahore the end of October after long being hindered by Covid and then civil unrest in the area. Their greatly anticipated visit to the churches in Lahore will commence with seven days of Bible conferences under the theme of “Grounds for Assurance” and will culminate with the joyous celebration of 50 years of WBM and the BBLCCL’s work in Lahore, the retirement ceremony of God’s faithful servant Rev Sardar Ahmed Din and the appointment of Rev Emmanuel Gill and Rev Nasir Din to new responsibilities. Praise God and glorify Him for all He has done in blessing the work being done to build His Church in Lahore, Pakistan.

If you would desire to support the work of WBM in Lahore, Pakistan or contribute to help cover the costs of Rev Merica and Sloan’s visit to Pakistan (travel, tents, food, transportation), please go to their website where you can choose to donate to the work in a particular field or to one of their mercy projects WBM Inc – Donate.

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