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News on our RCUS Foreign Ministries Diaconal Support

Dear brothers and sisters,

First and foremost, we want to thank you all for your generous gifts to God’s people around the world. Often, we are asking for funds but fail to thank God’s people. Because of your generosity, a Reformed College and Church were built in Kenyenya in a very short time, and God used your donations and  their  labor  to make it happen. The people in Kenya also send their sincere thanks to the people of  the  RCUS.  Gussi Reformed Theological College moved into the new building in mid-August and now we will save $120 per month that we had been giving them for renting their old space. In less than ten years, that savings will have equaled the money you had given for the building, such that from then on it will be a great savings also. It is our prayer that this building will be used for the just cause of Jesus Christ until He  returns.  Praise  God  from whom all blessings flow.

Your  funds  also  were  received  and used to purchase Bibles in some of the tribal languages of Kenya. This is an ongoing need, but many thanks are given for your help. What greater gift can be given than to put the Word of God into the hands of His people?

Pastor Gedeon, who lives in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, far removed from the churches we support in the DRC, wishes to study with Heidelberg Seminary’s online Ministerial Training classes in Africa to translate them into French. He has 18 students who wish to take classes in French. There is an urgent need for $500.00 to purchase a laptop for the classes starting the first week of September.  His students are committed to doing their part by donating enough funds from their meager income to purchase the internet bundles. Would you be willing to contribute toward the $500 for the laptop? Until recently, Rev. Octavio in Baja, Mexico paid for and provided an all-day Reformed radio programming as the only Christian radio station in that area, in a 30-mile radius. His electric provider made an error and charged him three times the amount due, which he was unable to pay so they cut his service. We request $600 to get the station back up and running. Rev. Octavio (working with Rev. Alpuche) wishes to bring himself and his congregation into the RCUS.

Another praise and thank you is for the feminine supplies for “Freedom for Girls” in Kenya. The cost doubled this year from $6.00 for a year’s supply for each girl to $12.00.

While this cost is still low we were only able to buy half of what is needed this year. As most of you know,  what  these ladies use for their monthly needs is pretty unpalatable without these washable supplies, and young girls are forced to drop out of school due to not being able to attend classes one-fourth of the time. Only $800 in donations would make up the unexpected shortfall this year and tangibly help these girls.

In the Philippines, Roi Bernales, the teenage son of Rev. Bernales, has cancer. Any help with this need would be appreciated by him and his family.

There are currently seven learning centers in Kenya where the men receive classes provided by Heidelberg Seminary.  As mentioned, there is a plan to establish a learning center in Goma, DRC. To do so requires buying the equipment for a full technical setup in Uganda for the men there to receive these classes. The cost of that setup will be about $1,500. Here again, the men have agreed to contribute to pay for the internet bundles. Would you help by contributing to the money to buy what is needed for the technical setup?

We are all amazed at the growth that God has provided the Ministerial Training program in Africa to prepare men to be pastors and lay leaders on the other side of the world. Heidelberg Theological Seminary has hired more staff to handle this blessing. Donations to help support this service are appreciated.

To donate to any of these causes, send checks to:
Providence Reformed Church, 245 East Vine St., Lodi, CA 95240.
Or, you may use Venmo @Providence-Reformed. Please designate which cause you would have your donation support. You also can designate “general missions” so that funds can be moved to where they are most needed.

If you have questions, contact Jerry DeYoung: jerrylynette@msn.com or call 209 402 2715.

Dr. Maynard Koerner

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