The Rev. Dr. Kevin Carroll, pastor of the Grace Reformed Church in Mitchell, recently had his book, Biblical Languages and the Busy Pastor published by GlossaHouse Publishing:

The book grew out of his interest in Greek and Hebrew that began while he was in college and his concern that many pastors fail to use the biblical languages to enhance their teaching and preaching ministries. Dr. Carroll said, “Many ministers invest a great deal of time and money in learning biblical languages, but comparatively few continue to use them, or fail to use them effectively, in ministry. This book builds a scriptural, theological, historical, and practical case for why ministers should view the languages as indispensable tools for ministry. It then lays out a step-by- step plan for how to regain, maintain, and use them for more effective preaching and teaching.” Dr. Carroll has been the pastor of the Grace Reformed Church in Mitchell, SD since 2014. He lives in Mitchell with Tammy, his wife of 36 years, three sons, and two grandchildren.

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