Purpose of the Reformed Herald

Dear Reader, 

As a newly-minted editor, it’s only natural that I would be thinking about the purpose of the Reformed Herald. Why does the RCUS publish this magazine? 

There are several different ways to answer that question, and a good answer should be wide enough that it doesn’t leave out something important, but specific enough to help with making the decisions that inevitably come up. 

So what is the purpose of the Reformed Herald? Let me give three related answers. 

With reference to God, the purpose of the Reformed Herald is to glorify Him. That’s not controversial, since that is the ultimate goal of every Christian endeavor. Indeed, that was the purpose of our original creation (Heidelberg Catechism Q.6). 

With reference to RCUS members, the purpose of the Reformed Herald is to edify and encourage our readers by publishing articles and news items that bring God’s word to bear on our lives, that inform us of what God is doing among us and our friends and partners in ministry, and by sharing what has been a blessing to others. 

With reference to others who also may read, we want to make sure that the Gospel is clearly contained in our pages, and that we highlight God’s faithfulness in our midst as a witness to His grace and as an instrument God can use to bless others also. 

Obviously those goals overlap. If we bear witness to God’s faithfulness and build up believers in their faith, that is glorifying to God. 

Each of those approaches to defining our purpose has a bearing on our editorial policy as well. 

Because our purpose is to glorify God, items submitted for publication must be in line with the teaching of Scripture, summarized in the doctrinal standards of the church. We have no mandate to give a platform to articles that are questionably Scriptural or that promote unconfessional positions. 

Because our purpose is to edify and encourage RCUS members, items submitted for publication should be appropriate to our audience, written with a brotherly spirit, and highlight the unsearchable riches of Christ (Ephesians 3:8), as well as the righteous requirements of God’s law (Romans 8:4, NKJV). 

Because our purpose is to bear witness of the Gospel and God’s faithfulness to us, items submitted for publication should bear in mind that with the Reformed Herald available online it is possible that there will be many non-RCUS readers. That should make us write clearly about basic truths, and speak simply and gratefully about the blessings we enjoy. 

Do you have a Reformed Herald article rattling around inside of you? Please send it with plenty of advance time to: editor@rcus.org. And whether you can contribute to the magazine or not, please pray that the Reformed Herald would fulfill its great purposes by God’s blessing and be full of good material. 

Rev. Ruben Zartman Editor 

Yes! God Has Indeed Said

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