Grace Reformed Church - Greeley, CO

Contact: Jon Blair
Church Address
1501 10th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631
Mail to: 1505 10th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631
Church Phone: 970-336-9927

Service Information

Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM Sunday School: 11:45 AM Other Meetings: Coffee fellowship, 11:15-11:45 AM on Sunday Wednesday Family prayer and Bible Study Fellowship, 7:00 PM

Church Information

About: In God’s providence, the story of Grace Reformed Church began in 1998 with a small group Bible study in North Greeley, which introduced those involved to things like the Reformation and doctrines of the Reformed faith.? Eventually, this led to the contact of Rev. Dorman Savage, who at that time was serving in the Missionary at Large position to the Front Range in the RCUS. Rev. Savage worked with them and found others interested in this “reformed stuff.” He then developed a larger Bible study group which started meeting at the Union Colony Civic Center in early 1999. People from all sorts of religious backgrounds attended. The group began to “gel”, and there was more desire than just having a Bible study. They wanted to worship in a Reformed manner. This led to more advertising and soul-searching on the parts of those attending. Studying the truths of Scripture and the doctrines of the historic Reformational church solidified the group. By late spring it was decided to start meeting for worship on Sundays at the Union Colony Civic Center. Grace Reformed Chapel had begun (named a chapel, because it had not yet organized into a church). Rev. Savage faithfully drove three hours one way to lead the saints in worship at Greeley. Students from New Geneva Seminary in Colorado Springs also helped in leading the folks in worship. By the summer, Grace Reformed Chapel was contacted by the Reformed Presbyterian Church about renting their facility which had been recently closed. The decision was made to accept their gracious offer. Services began at 1501 10th Avenue in July 1999. By September the church began to grow. Two large families from an RCUS church in Nebraska moved to Greeley to join them. Growth continued, not only with families in the Reformed faith but also with families new to the Reformed faith. Rev. Savage continued to minister faithfully to the group with counseling, men’s Bible studies, and Sunday worship. Other new works in Limon, Pueblo, and Calhan, Colorado demanded more of his time. These places also had families expressing interest in the Reformed faith. It was decided by his Consistory (church council) of Blue Cliff Community Reformed Church in Karval, Colorado, where Rev. Savage served, to try to organize Greeley into a particular church. An elder was installed, and a pastor was called. Rev. Gene Sawtelle came to Greeley in June 2000 from First Reformed Church in Yuba City, California. Rev. Sawtelle immediately began addressing the needs of this local church. His ministry included counseling, men’s and women’s Bible studies, catechism (training for youth), and most importantly, the preaching of God’s word. The Lord blessed the work in Greeley, which was formally organized as Grace Reformed Church in February 2001, a member congregation of the RCUS. The Lord has also blessed us spiritually and numerically, building up the church with “living stones.” (1 Peter 2:5) In April 2003, after receiving more than $90,000 in gifts from His people, the Lord allowed us to purchase the church building and parsonage. After six years of faithful service, Rev. Sawtelle retired in June 2006. The church subsequently called Rev. Jon Blair as pastor. He, along with his wife Wendy and three children, moved to Greeley in June 2006, having served six years at Providence Reformed Church in Rock Springs, Wyoming. By God’s grace, Rev. Blair continues to carry on the work of the ministry in all its dimensions of preaching and teaching God’s word, and proclaiming the glorious gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, unto the building up of Christ’s church for the glory of God. We at Grace Reformed also seek to glorify Him by reaching out to a lost and dying world in the ministering and preaching the Bible, the very word of God. We also believe the past, present and future are in the hands of our sovereign Lord, and we invite you to be a part of the exciting future the Lord has in store for us. Pastor:  Rev. Jon Blair (wife Wendy) Elders:
  • Albert Haller
  • James Connelly
  • Warren Nuss
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Ryan Martin

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